John Hunt Ltd - The UK Bakery Equipment and Pie Machine Specialists.

John Hunt is a family run business, first established in 1860. We specialise in the manufacture of Pie Machines, Pie and Tart Machines, Flan Machines - indeed anything that involves the forming of pastry into a multiplicity of shapes and sizes. Products up to 330 mm diameter and rates of production up to 3000 pieces per hour can be accommodated. Our customers include bakeries and food processors, large and small, throughout the world.

John Hunt also supply support including a full range of spare parts for their range of Planetary Mixing Machines and Conveyor Pastry Rollers.

We continually strive to develop innovative solutions to meet the industries demands for "new" and "different" products. Substantial investment in both standard and CNC machine tools has taken place, over the years, to ensure that we can meet these demands without adding our telephone number to the bill.

To further help potential new, as well as existing customers - we have created a Facebook page and a YouTube channel to work alongside our existing website.